As the best moving company in Fontana, we know that all move scenarios are different. That's why we offer labor-only services to those who have their own truck but could use some assistance with other aspects of their move. It could be you need a team to pack up your items, stack boxes in your truck, unload your storage pod, or help you move between apartments in the same block. No matter your situation, we'll be there, equipped with necessary supplies and a small truck (unless you request a larger vehicle).

If you are not confident about your abilities to pack, load, and unload your own furniture, why take risks? You could become injured lifting heavy items or damage your fragile furniture in the process. We recommend hiring our professional team to take the strain of moving so you don't have to. After all, you could pay less for our labor-only services than you would for replacing your broken items! We're sure you'll agree that peace of mind is priceless.

If you require our labor services for a long-distance move, please let us know as we will need to assign the correct crew. Packing and loading for long journeys involves extensive preparation and a high level of protection for your items. Please also purchase around a dozen moving blankets to safeguard your furniture during transit.

Movers and Packers

What we include? Everything Essential!

  • Roomy and Clean Trucks
  • Professional Movers
  • Dollies and Handtrucks
  • 30-50 Moving Blankets
  • Fuel, Mileage, & Taxes
  • Stairs & Long Walking
  • Assembly & Dis-Assembly
  • Floor and door covers
  • Shrink Wrap and Tapes
  • 4-8 Wardrobe Boxes
  • Hand and Power Tools
  • Boxes and Bubble Wrap
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We've got you covered with essential wrapping supplies and tools. Our prices are upfront and all-inclusive.

Professional movers

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Friendly, hand-picked, well-trained, and always ready to work - our moving crews are the best in the business!

Reliable & punctual

Punctual & Reliable

Book your move with us and we'll be at your door, on time and well-equipped. Your satisfaction is a priority.

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Fontana Movers is bonded, licensed, and insured. You can rest easy as your move is taken care of by the best.

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Local Business

We value our customers! We'll treat you with respect and your items with the utmost care during your move.

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If you've got questions about your impending move, contact our helpful office team for advice and reassurance!

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  • Customer Testimonials

    Andrew and Mike worked quickly but carefully and didn't leave a single mark on my expensive furniture. Top guys for the money paid!

    Polly T.
  • Customer Testimonials

    The thought of moving alone was a bit daunting, but Fontana Movers took care of every step and made me feel comfortable.

    Emmy B.
  • Customer Testimonials

    Excellent rates considering the level of service. Tape, plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes - all included, which is totally awesome!

    Brad F.
  • Customer Testimonials

    Wow what amazing service! I was impressed with the way my crew worked and how quickly they relocated me. Five stars!

    Karen R.
  • Customer Testimonials

    I have nothing but praise for this moving company. Affordable, timely... just give them a shot - they won't let you down.

    Karl M.
  • Customer Testimonials

    If you want careful, but at the same time speedy movers, there's only one place to go. These dudes are just the best in the business.

    Annabelle M.